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Offer your customers a premium & sustainable delivery experience.

Bringly deploys advanced shipping intelligence and premium logistics features in a single platform to control your last mile operation throughout Europe.

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Last Mile Experience
Control your post purchase experience, untill the front door

Branded Track & Trace

The branded tracking pages improve your post-purchase customer experience while reducing the number of customer service requests.

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Customizable Track & Trace ship from store notifications.png

Customizable Notifications

Make your client’s wait time a pleasant experience with intelligent, proactive, and branded notifications - linked to the order status - via SMS, email or Whatsapp. 

Customer Satisfaction tools

Measure & improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS). We collect customer feedback and measure the customer satisfaction to pro-actively increase customer retention.

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Last Mile Automation
Last Mile Experience

Delivery Automation 
Automate your shipping process to improve efficiency

Smart Urban Shipping Orchestration

Bringly's urban delivery engine automatically orchestrates parcels to the best courier for the job based on several parameters like speed, CO2 emissions saved, real-time capacity, load balancing and many more. We do the smart property matching based on quality and capacity.


Real time Shipment Tracking

Bringly provide real-time tracking for complete visibility and traceability of shipments. Different carrier statuses are consolidated in one clear and simple list of statuses and status codes.

Automated Carrier Management

Within the Merchant portal, all preferences are being saved which lead to automated carrier management. Extend your delivery services and capacity at any time. No need for separate integrations, negotiations and processes anymore.

Automated Logistic Sustainable Carrier Management portal.png
Automated Logistic Sustainable Carrier Management portal.png

Central Data Reports

Monitor your complete last mile operation in one central dashboard. Analyse performances & service levels from multiple couriers throughout Europe and take pro-active decisions where needed.

Dynamic Pricing

Based on the real-time & predicted capacity, we aim to load balance for the most efficient urban routes among multiple vehicles. Realized efficiencies result in dynamic prices. 

Manage Shipment Labels

Bringly allows to streamline your logistic operation by automatically retrieve, save and convert carrier labels. These can be printed and customized according to your needs.

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Carrier shipment labels.png

Urban Last Mile Intelligence 
Add intelligence to your logistic operation to improve quality and your environmental footprint.

Multi-Carrier Capacity

It's old-fashioned to chose only one carrier for the first, middle and last mile. Bringly allows brands and carriers to split an entire delivery and compose multi-carrier routes. Go one level deeper, and optimize existing logistic streams by filling unused capacity from routes that are already made.

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Bringly Enterprise Logistic Service Level Agreements.png

Service Level Management

Delivering according to promise made to the customer affects customer retention. Bringly's data reports and dashboard make it tangible to know how well you're actually are doing when it comes to last-mile logistics.

Carrier Performance Levels

Real-time all raw data is converted into data reports to measure the capacity, but also the performances of connected carriers. Get a better insight of the couriers actually delivering your parcels by comparing and analyzing their performance via Bringly's data reports.

Capacity sharing & Load balancing

Bringly allows carriers to optimize their delivery capacity. Based on several shipment attributes, shipments can be orchestrated towards the right carrier.

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts

Receive pro-active alerts when experiencing delays or a decrease in performance. Bringly allows you to always be aware of carrier performance and optimize per city, region or country before it's too late.

Urban Last Mile Intelligence

Carrier Integrations
Control your post purchase experience, untill the front door

Connecting Sustainable & Premium Carriers

We connect brands to the best and most sustainable delivery services & carriers through Europe to increase customer satisfaction, impact and operational efficiency. We've learned our algoritm one thing: "quality & sustainability first".  Looking only for the lowest price? That's not our speciality.

+100 sustainable carriers in Europe sharing their capacity via the Bringly platform

Plug & Play eCommerce

Connect via the most populair ecommerce platforms to start offering sustainable & premium last mile deliveries. Not available on your platform yet? Let us know, we're flexible and quick. Also when it comes to integrations.

Enterprise API

Looking for a seamless integration? Integrate our headless REST API and webhooks directly within your technical architecture. Get in touch with our development team or read the documentation already via this link.

Online Shipment Dashboard

Get your own online shipment dashboard to track statuses, create shipments, analyze data or for other purposes. Each merchant gets its own central environment from which the logistic operation can be controlled.

Last Mile Carrier Integrations
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