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for sustainable deliveries

Always benefit from the optimal combinations of existing sustainable logistic solutions - leading to faster deliveries at lower costs - without the hassle of integrating, owning or managing carriers.

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Local & National Urban Last Mile Deliveries

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Express Delivery
Within 1 hour

Surprise your customers with express delivery within 60 or 120 minutes. On-demand Ship-from-Store for a premium last-mile delivery experience.


Next-Day Delivery
Schedule for tomorrow

Do your customers prefer next-day delivery? Orders placed before 23.59, will be delivered the next day in the evening.


Same-Day Delivery
Order & receive same day

Our delivery success rate is the highest in the evening. Same-Day Evening deliveries perfectly fit the needs of your consumers.


Locker Delivery
Pick-up at locker

Want to offer your customer the opportunity to pick up their parcel? Offer the nearest available lockers from check-out.

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Express Delivery
Same Day Delivery
Next Day Delivery
Locker Deliveres

One solution for all your sustainable shipments


Deliver orders via your physical stores to the end consumer. Same-day Ship-from-Store allows retailers to ship quicker, greener and at better prices to local consumers. 

Local, national & international deliveries

Are you aiming to scale your operations in Europe? We offer you the opportunity to turn each location into a local hub for (inter)national deliveries from the store. 


Same-Day Delivery straight from your warehouse/hub to the end consumer. We help you make your last-mile deliveries more efficient.


Make sustainable reverse logistics possible for your consumers. Let returns get picked up by a courier already on their way.

(inter)national deliveries
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