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Trend reports

Find out about the latest trends in logistic infrastructures, sustainability and technologies.

[Trend Report 2022] 
Top 10 logistics trends for last-mile delivery

With an increasing demand for same-day deliveries and the rise of dark stores it is clear that logistics market is changing rapidly.  Consumers want their orders shipped faster and if possible for free. In this trend report we will explain how the latest logistical infrastructure trends are reshaping last-mile delivery.

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[Trendreport 2022]

Top 7 technology trends for last-mile delivery

What will last-mile delivery look like in the future? Are you prepared for the latest technological advancements in the logistics sector? In this trend teport we will share the top 7 technological last-mile delivery trends. 

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[Trend report 2022]

Top 5 sustainable last-mile delivery trends

Wondering what the upcoming sustainability trends are within the European logistics market? In this trend report we share the top 5 trends that you need to be aware of.

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