One-stop-platform for sustainable urban deliveries

Always benefit from the optimal combinations of existing sustainable logistic solutions - leading to faster deliveries at lower costs - without the hassle of integrating, owning or managing carriers.

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Get access to all sustainable options, let the platform select the most optimal

We match each parcel to the most optimal delivery option across our network.

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Local & National urban deliveries

One solution for all your sustainable last-mile services


Deliver orders via your physical stores to the end consumer. Same-day Ship-from-Store allows retailers to ship quicker, greener and at better prices to local consumers. 

Local, national & international deliveries

Are you aiming to scale your operations in Europe? We offer you the opportunity to turn each location into a local hub for (inter)national deliveries from the store. 

Dynamic pricing

Based on the real-time & predicted capacity, we aim to load balance for the most efficient urban routes among multiple vehicles. Realised efficiencies result in dynamic prices. 


Same-Day Delivery straight from your warehouse/hub to the end consumer. We help you make your last-mile deliveries more efficient.

Multi-Carrier urban deliveries

Benefit from our consolidated network of bike couriers, cargo bikes, EVs, lockers, city hubs, dark stores and many more options. Already have your contracts with connected carriers? No problem.


Make sustainable reverse logistics possible for your consumers. Let returns get picked up by a courier already on their way.

Connect in a way that suits you

Plug & Play Dashboard

Start with same-day last-mile deliveries via our Delivery Dashboard for retailers. No IT integration is needed to start with Ship-from-Store.

Plug and play dashboard

Integrate our delivery options in your check-out to offer same-day Ship-from-Store to all your consumers in urban cities.

Ship from store

API Integration


Ship quicker, more efficient and


[Case study]
How Dille & Kamille improves their omnichannel strategy in Europe

The biggest challenge most retailers face is that they want to offer their customers an optimal last-mile delivery experience, however, finding the resources to provide this experience is often a quest.