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Increase customer satisfaction, impact & operational efficiency

Bringly allows brands to increase their revenue by improving customer satisfaction (NPS), reducing the carbon footprint within logistics and increase operational efficiency through their complete logistic chain.

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Omnichannel Retail
Optimize and improve your omnichannel customer experience 

Combine & align offline and online channels to the fullest 

Bringly allows retailers to ship from fulfillment centers and physical stores to easily ship quicker, more efficient and more sustainable. Working towards an unique omnichannel customer experience.

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Omnichannel Retail
eCommerce Last Mile

Sustainable eCommerce
Easily scaling up with local, regional and international delivery capacity.

Qualitative & sustainable eCommerce experiences

Losing customers after the purchase can be costly. With Bringly brands increase their customer retention while optimizing their last mile delivery costs and CO2 emissions.

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Supply Chain
Extend your shipping services while reducing manual work

Optimize your last mile supply chain operations

Extend your logistic services as a supply chain operator with an automated last mile shipping process. Configure the needs from yourself or clients and get access to a complete network of qualitative and sustainable carriers.

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Supply Chain Operators

Business to Business
Focus on safe, efficient and cost effective B2B deliveries

Deliver business-to-business, the way they want

Bringly allows you to offer the same last mile service levels towards your Enterprise customers. Business to business deliveries require a premium delivery service. Bringly helps improving the quality and automate your B2B shipping process.

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Business to Business (B2B)
Carrier Capacity Sharing

Urban Carrier Capacity Sharing
Real-time matching of senders and carriers based on quality & capacity

Unlimited delivery capacity & smart orchestration

For local, regional and (inter)national carriers Bringly connects delivery capacity real-time with the most ideal parcels. Next, Bringly serves as a sales channel to increase their volume, drop density and therefore revenues.

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