Start ship-from-store to empower your business with fast and sustainable deliveries.

What does ship-from-store mean?

Ship-from-store means that packages can be delivered from local operational stores to the end-consumer. Due to our large delivery radius up to 20 kilometers, and with most retail stores located in the city center, it is possible to deliver super fast from store to the end-consumer’s address.

How does ship-from-store work?

To make Ship-from-store possible, it is necessary to turn physical stores into small local hubs. These hubs present the centre of the local, fast ,and sustainable delivery process. To clearly explain the process we created a ‘Ship-from-Store’ infographic:

Ship-from-store in 7 steps


How can you benefit from Ship-from-Store?

When you start ship-from-store you as a retailer are able to:

  • Offer sustainable local delivery

  • Offer express delivery

  • Integrate your offline stores within your omni-channel experience

  • Reduce the number of out-of-stock by using offline and decentral stock

  • Increase your logistic capacity during peak moments

  • Lower logistic pressure on DC

  • Reduce last-mile & fulfillment costs

  • Optimize existing offline infrastructure for online growth

  • Incentify & motivate store employees for fulfillment of online orders

  • Receive & process local returns

  • Avoid customs

Not convinced yet?

With many positive reviews from partners we ensure you we take action to support our bold promises.

RITUALS | Retailer

rituals bringly ship from store amsterdam

"Due to the rapid switching of Bringly, we were able to start delivering online orders from our stores in Amsterdam, among others, during the Corona crisis. This allowed us to surprise our customers with super-fast deliveries, often on the same day the order was placed."

—  Bart, Digital Commerce Manager


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