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Upgrade your last-mile delivery for online orders by delivering from your hub to the customer’s address.


Curious how this solution works for you?


What does Ship-from-Hub mean?

Ship-from-Hub means that orders can be directly delivered from the warehouse to the end consumer. This process can fasten your last-mile delivery drastically. Want to know how? Keep on reading!

How does Ship-from-Hub work?

To make Ship-from-Hub possible, it is necessary to make your warehouses ready for last-mile delivery. These hubs are local, fast and sustainable delivery process centres. To clearly explain the process, we created a ‘Ship-from-Hub’ infographic:

Ship-from-Hub in 7 steps


How can you benefit from Ship-from-Hub?

Ship-from-Hub offers many possibilities for your business.

The benefits that Ship-from-Hub offers are:

  • Sustainable local delivery.

  • Express Delivery.

  • Integration of your offline hubs within your omnichannel experience.

  • No dependency on offline stores or central warehouses.

  • Avoid being out-of-stock by using offline and decentralised stock.

  • Increase your logistic capacity during peak hours. 

  • Lower logistic pressure on DC. 

  • Reduction of last-mile & fulfilment costs.

  • Optimisation of existing offline infrastructure for online growth.

  • Receive & process local returns.

  •  Avoid customs.

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