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Same-Day Delivery: through the whole country

Want to offer your customers the best last-mile experience? Provide Same-Day Delivery and deliver your parcels the same day your customers ordered them.

Curious how this solution works for you? 

Kas strategic partnership manager
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What does Same-Day Delivery mean?

Same-Day Delivery means that when your customer places an order before a late cut-off (e.g. 15:00), we will deliver it the same day. This can be locally in the same city and nationally throughout the country.

How does Same-Day Delivery work? 

We can offer Same-Day Delivery due to our local bike and electric vehicle (EV) courier network that uses our innovative logistics technology. This makes the last-mile delivery process efficient and sustainable.

How can you benefit from Same-Day Delivery?

Consumers are becoming more and more demanding and request fast delivery from retailers more frequently. If you want to manage these demands as a retailer, it is essential to team up with a reliable and fast delivery partner. Providing fast and carefree delivery to your customers can give a massive boost to your customer experience.

Why Same-Day Delivery works for you: 

  • Respond to the market: choose Same-Day Delivery

  • Deliver to the customer the same day. 

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

  • Go for the fastest and most sustainable delivery option.

Want to learn more? Get in touch!

Are you ready to take delivery up a notch and offer your customers a next-level experience with Same-Day Delivery? Together we can. Let’s schedule a demo and Kas will take you on a tour through the platform and show you our best practices. Dive into your company’s last-mile delivery needs and receive a proposition tailored to your company.

Kas strategic partnership manager

Want to see how you can simply manage Same-Day Delivery all in one place? 

Book your demo and discover more


  • We will give you a live tour through our platform.

  • Show you the best practices from retailers like Rituals and Scotch & Soda. 

  • Quick scan your company to investigate your last-mile delivery needs.

  • Come back to you with a tailored proposition.

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