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What is last-mile delivery? 4 ways to improve your last-mile delivery

Within the logistic industry and for retailers, last-mile delivery has become extremely important. An increasing number of consumers is purchasing online which makes fast delivery a top priority to ensure a premium online shopping experience. However, the big question is: what is last-mile delivery and why should you as a retailer be involved?

What does last-mile delivery mean?

Last-mile delivery is the last part of the delivery process where an order is sent to the final destination, which is often the consumer or a retail store. It is crucial that this part of the logistic value chain goes seamlessly, fast and sustainable. The end-consumer is becoming more demanding and expects speedy shipping especially in the retail and e-commerce industries. When a retailer can provide its customers a speedy, efficient and what is more, a climate positive last-mile delivery, it can result not only in customer satisfaction, but also provide a strategic advantage.

4 ways to ensure your last-mile delivery is as carefree as possible

1. Fast Delivery

As previously mentioned, the end consumers set high expectations for delivery times. It does depend on the industry, but overall, the faster you can ship, the more satisfied your consumer will be. Therefore, ship-from-store and ship-from-hub are fit optionsfor last-mile deliveries. This increases the efficiency of the logistic process and reduces the costs towards local consumers.

2. A Transparent and Reliable Delivery Partner

Keep your end-consumer informed about the delivery status of the order. This results in transparency towards your consumer and a more reliable delivery as consumers can track live where their package is and what the ETA will be. This also causes fewer failed deliveries and more happy customers.

3. Unique and Personal Delivery Experience

Make the last-mile delivery experience even more special by personalizing your delivery and creating a more reliable experience.. This can be done through white-labelling. The consumer will be confronted by a courier who is branded by the retailer he is delivering the order from. You can think of your own logo on the bike of the courier. This results in an unique experience for the consumer who really feels he/she ordered from the store they would normally physically go to.

4. Sustainability

Zero emissions zones are being implemented in cities as of 2025. Which means that polluting vehicles can’t enter the city centres. This has to be taken into consideration when optimizing your last-mile delivery. Sustainable deliveries are the future and it is crucial to be prepared. Making use of electric vehicles and electric bikes can play a big part in making your last-mile delivery climate positive.

Optimizing your last-mile delivery is important for the success of your business. Make sure to choose a delivery partner that can offer you and your consumers a fast, reliable, unique and sustainable delivery service.

Bringly is ready to offer premium retailers a carefree and sustainable last-mile delivery. Want to know more? Book a demo here.

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