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How to start sustainable last-mile delivery within minutes

In order to start your sustainable last-mile delivery, it is necessary to have a user-friendly dashboard where you can directly check and enter your parcel registrations. This is why we made our delivery dashboard as simple and clear as possible so anyone can start using it within a few minutes. In this blog, we will give you a demonstration of how our delivery system works and show you how it can be matched with your business.

What is Bringly’s delivery dashboard?

Our delivery dashboard is designed in a way that even (store) employees who have no IT knowledge can use the system effortlessly. It is a digital platform where you can:

  • add all your parcels from different stores;

  • download shipping labels;

  • track and trace parcels in real-time.

With Bringly’s delivery dashboard no IT integration is needed, which means you can start your sustainable last-mile delivery immediately. It is also possible to connect with your own API and gain access to all the features that our dashboard offers.

3 steps to upgrade your sustainable last-mile delivery

1. Create an account

When you have decided to choose Bringly as your sustainable last-mile delivery partner, we send you an e-mail with your account details. After that you can set up your account by filling in information about your business. Now your account is all set and we are ready to optimize your last-mile delivery experience towards your customers.

2. Add your stores

When your account is ready it is time to add your stores. You can choose which operational stores you want to use in order to start your ship-from-store delivery process. We will fill in the store details for you so you can get started directly.

3. Start Ship-from-Store

Once your stores are added you can start registering your parcels. Of course when you first start, your dashboard will be empty. Store employees can directly register local deliveries via their store account. This can simply be done by filling in the details of your customer, such as zip code and house number. Once your parcels are successfully registered, our delivery dashboard creates one clear overview of all your parcel registrations from different stores. Here you can check the delivery status of the parcel and see if it was picked up by the courier and has been delivered. Now everything is in place for sustainable last mile delivery and you can start shipping from all your stores that you added to the dashboard.

In these 3 easy steps you have just optimized your sustainable last-mile delivery experience with sustainable delivery methods!

Lifting a weight of your shoulders: we manage your registrations

Our customer support team takes care of managing the parcel registrations. In our delivery dashboard there is a clear overview of all your scheduled and finished delivery statuses. Therefore, it is easy to track the entire shipping process of every parcel and its current status. This way we will never lose track of your parcels and will always be able to answer all the questions your customers have concerning the delivery process of their package.

Ready to start your carefree and sustainable last-mile delivery? Book a demo!

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