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We want to drive system change. To enable fair and sustainable logistics.

The infrastructures are already there for sustainable logistics. But still couriers are not always paid fairly, traditional carriers deliver because they offer the lowest price and sustainable delivery is still a marketing trick. We want to show that this can already be changed.

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Our why

We believe in making the e-commerce delivery value chain sustainable & future-proof.

Our how

We help merchants & carriers move forward with delivery challenges via our  curated and sustainable delivery network that offers carefree services at scale.

Our what

We offer the most sustainable delivery platform available.

Data speaks louder than words

Founded in


Operating cities


CO2-emissions saved


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They choose the Bringly platform:

Our values

Our core values drive us.


We strive to offer the best services within the last mile without any CO2 emissions. Next to sustainable delivery, we also build sustainable partnerships with our clients and couriers.


Premium Customer Experience

We put your end-consumer first. It's our goal to give retailers more control over their last-mile experience since those last kilometres towards the customer's door are crucial. Retailers should be able to provide a premium customer experience throughout their omnichannel strategy.



We are committed to fair and collective growth. The delivery speed mustn't come at the expense of couriers. We create more transparency within the complete supply chain through cooperation and trust.



We know that we can optimise last-mile delivery by optimising existing delivery streams and infrastructures to increase our collective impact. This starts with strategic partnerships driven by intelligent software.

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