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Express Delivery: the fastest way to your 
customers’ doorstep

Are you looking for the fastest way to ship to your customers? Offer them Express Delivery with a speedy and sustainable last-mile for instant gratification. 

Curious how this solution works for you? 


Quick commerce with Express Delivery 

Express Delivery is part of the quick commerce trend, also referred to as Q-commerce. As urbanisation increases, the demand for the fast delivery of goods in small quantities is highly requested. Q-commerce responds to that and provides customers with products almost instantly. It is the right choice for retailers that want to offer a solution to the increasing demand for convenient and speedy deliveries.

Express Delivery explained

With Express Delivery, customers will receive your package within 60 minutes after placing the order. How do we do this? The delivery radius will always be up to 10 kilometres. This way, we ensure quick deliveries from your store to the customer’s address. So why should you go for Express Delivery?

Why Express Delivery works
for you: 

  • Respond to the market

  • Deliver to the customer within 60 minutes.

  • Increase customer satisfaction.

  • Go for the fastest and most sustainable delivery option.

How can you benefit from Express Delivery?

As you can read in our trend report, consumers are becoming more and more demanding and request fast delivery from retailers more frequently. If you want to manage these customer demands as a retailer, it is crucial to team up with a reliable and fast delivery partner. Providing fast, sustainable, and carefree Express Delivery to your customers can boost your customer experience. 

Want to learn more? Get in touch!

Are you ready to take delivery up a notch and offer your customers a next-level experience? Together we can. Let’s schedule a demo and Kas will take you on a tour through the platform and show you our best practices. Dive into your company’s last-mile delivery needs and receive a proposition tailored to your company.

Kas strategic partnership manager

Want to see how you can simply manage Express Delivery all in one place?

Book your demo and discover more

  • We will give you a live tour through our platform.

  • Show you the best practices from retailers like Rituals and Scotch & Soda. 

  • Quick scan your company to investigate your last-mile delivery needs.

  • Come back to you with a tailored proposition.

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