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Case study

A premium omnichannel experience

In the early '70s, successful bar owner and entrepreneur Hartog Streim from Amsterdam decided to try his luck in the magical world of shoes. Over the past forty years, SHOEBALOO has established a reputation as the leading retailer of high-end designer footwear, bags, and accessories in the Netherlands and beyond.

Shoebaloo x Bringly Fietskoeriers Ship-from-Store.png

The SHOEBALOO success story began with a small store in the famous Jordaan area in the center of Amsterdam. SHOEBALOO’s first big hit was huge sales of the popular Spanish boots ‘Botas Camperas’.  After their success, the shop enjoyed more hits and a rapidly growing fashion clientele, and so the company decided to relocate and expand. Since then, SHOEBALOO has continued to be represented in trendy and emerging shopping areas of the Netherlands.

Today there are five shops dedicated to women, men, and accessories, all designed by star architect MVSA Architects. Each store has a different design concept:
The mirror palace in Maastricht, the magic show of shoes at the PC Hooftstraat, the dark and futuristic flagship store in Rotterdam, and the luxurious contrasting marble-designed stores at Koningsplein. All stores are iconic and strongly represent the signature SHOEBALOO look and feel.

Mirror palace shoebaloo

The online webshop has proven to be the entrance to a bigger audience. More and more people around the world are becoming SHOEBALOO fans. With the creative online approach and trendsetting buying philosophy, SHOEBALOO is always ready for what is to come. 

Customer-first approach

Shoebaloo focusses on a tailor-made customer experience, both offline and online. We used this customer-driven approach in selecting the right couriers and the right delivery options. Next, it was important for both parties to work from the start via an API integration from the online check-out from Shoebaloo’s website.

3 reasons why we chose Bringly

"First, because of the pleasant contact with Bringly & the fast and easy implementation. Secondly, due to the demand for 1 hour delivery from our customers. Next, because of the Fast professional delivery in the cities where we are located with SHOEBALOO stores."

- Diek van Tol
E-Commerce Manager, Shoebaloo

How we started

During our first conversations we’ve discussed the specific delivery needs from Shoebaloo, verification possibilities, the ideal process for stores, customer support and the IT-requirements. From these findings we’ve configured Shoebaloo’s account to enable sustainable Express deliveries from their stores in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Maastricht.

During this set-up phase we’ve optimized the Ship-from-Store process together with Shoebaloo, both operationally as technically. Our development team has worked together with Shoebaloo’s IT partner to set up an API connection within a few days.

After the creation of several test orders we were ready within no time to switch to the live environment. During this process all parties were heavily involved to ensure a smooth and reliable start with Same-Day Ship-from-Store for Shoebaloo in The Netherlands.

How does it work?

Shoebaloo had a good technical infrastructure where they could integrate their physical stock levels in their online check-out. By changing their default shipping logic - delivery from a central warehouse - to delivery from a store nearby the customer, the start of Ship-from-Store for Shoebaloo was made. Below the 6 different steps of Ship-from-Store for Shoebaloo:


  1. The stock levels from each store are available online.

  2. Address Check via Bringly API to see whether the service is available for the customer.

  3. The customer selects “Express Delivery” in the check-out.

  4. The order is being registered via the Bringly API.

  5. The store receives a notification to pick, pack and label the package.

  6. The courier picks up and delivers the package within 60 minutes.

Last Mile delivery Bringly

"It's going well, of course we have to deal with small issues from time to time, but that's part of working with the 1 hour service and the time pressure that comes with it. We receive many compliments from satisfied consumers. And again, the fine contact with Bringly always ensures a smooth process."

Diek van Tol

E-Commerce Manager, Shoebaloo

Bringly deliverables

Delivery Dashboard

  • Professional & smiling bike couriers

  • Express & Same-Day Delivery

  • CO2-neutral guarantee via bike couriers

  • Proof of Delivery

  • API Integration

  • Custom Address check

  • Track & Trace

  • PDF Label Generation via API

  • Admin Portal

  • 24/7 Customer Support

  • Dedicated IT Support

The result

All five Shoebaloo stores in The Netherlands are offering Express Deliveries to offer online customers - located nearby a physical store - a premium, sustainable and same-day delivery experience.


  • Success Delivery percentage: 100%

  • Average Delivery Time: 22 minutes

  • Number of Shoebaloo Stores: 5

  • Time to connect to Bringly API: 5 days

Delivery dashboard Bringly

"I like the technical connection, given we're looking at stock from different stocks, preferred stocks and the customer's zip code. That's quite a specific process, which usually runs quite well. "

Diek van Tol

E-Commerce Manager, Shoebaloo

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