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Customer Success Stories

Discover how Bringly upgrades the delivery experiences of merchants throughout Europe.

MediaMarkt Benelux Urban Last Mile Delivery Bringly.jpg

Discover how MediaMarkt BeNeLux, one of the leading retailers in the electronics industry, partnered with Bringly to overcome their delivery operation challenges and achieve exceptional results. Learn how Bringly's solution optimized the quality of MediaMarkt BeNeLux's deliveries, reduced their carbon footprint, and improved the overall customer experience. Read on for more information.

The biggest challenge retailers face is that they want to offer their customers an optimal last-mile delivery experience. However, finding the resources to provide this experience is often a quest. We offered Dille & Kamille a solution to this challenge. Read their success story and find out how we improved the omnichannel strategy of Dille & Kamille.

Shoebaloo Bringly last mile delivery

Retailers are constantly looking for new ways, channels and services to improve their customer experience. SHOEBALOO is an innovative high-end retailer that always tries to put its customers first. Read their success story and find out how we improved the last-mile delivery of SHOEBALOO.

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