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In this brochure, you discover the #1 sustainable platform for all your sustainable & future-proof deliveries. Read how our platform gives you the most sustainable and affordable delivery options. 

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Are you ready to revolutionize the delivery industry? 

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The most complex and expensive part of any shipment is the last mile. It is the final step in bringing parcels from the nearest distribution hub to their final destination, such as a home or a business. If we don't do anything to make this more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable, a 32% increase in carbon emissions from urban delivery is expected by 2030. So, are you ready to invest in sustainable delivery?


Besides these numbers, consumers nowadays demand more from retailers. Express and Same-Day Delivery are often considered the standard instead of going above and beyond. That is why Bringly creates the most sustainable customer experiences for all your urban last mile deliveries. Our one-stop delivery platform connects you to the best delivery services & carriers in Europe to increase customer satisfaction, impact, and operational efficiency.

Read more in our brochure:

In this brochure, you will discover: 

All the features of our one-stop platform for green & urban last mile deliveries

The importance of offering your customers a premium & sustainable experience. 

Why 50+ companies already trust Bringly throughout Europe. 

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